Magenta light is created when you mix blue and red light together. It is a secondary additive light colour.

You 'see' magenta when all the other wavelengths of colour are absorbed into a surface, and red and blue are reflected to your eye.

 We often see magenta light at sunset and sunrise.

Meet Maggie Magenta Light!

A mixture of blue and red light will create magenta light

Secondary light colours are cyan, magenta and yellow light beams.

If equal proportions of these colours are added then white light is seen.

We have created a clip in YouTube - please click on the image to see it! 

During the day this office with Jeanene's little collection of galahs has a cool feeling

When the magenta light fittings are turned on the space has such a different feel

Wendy's little creatures can be seen naturally. We see the true colours of the piece.

See more about Wendy's work by clicking on her images.

When it is flooded with magenta light only the blue and red light are reflected to the eye. It becomes one with the magenta background. The smooth surfaces reflect more light. It looks and feels so different!

When magenta light floods dark surfaces a warm feeling is evoked.

See more about Glenise's work by clicking on her images.

remember the light fitting will cast the colours on to a wall

See more about Leonies work by clicking on her images.

When magenta light floods light surfaces the space changes instantly

See more about Jeanene's work by clicking on her images.


Some magenta light mood boards to inspire