Blue light is a secondary additive colour - as it is one of the colours to make white light

You 'see' blue when all the other wavelengths of colour are absorbed into a surface, and blue is reflected to your eye.

Because blue light waves are the shortest, they scatter and we see a blue sky. We associate blue with daytime.

Meet Blayze Blue light!

Primary light colours are red, green and blue light beams which add together to make white light.

A white surface will be seen when white light (a mixture of colours of red, green and blue light beams) reflects to the eye.

Blue light is one of the primary additive colours.

We have created a clip in YouTube - please click on the image to see it!

the white light reflects the true colour of the copper nails

Different light colours will make an object look different. Our brain will look at different parts of the image, compare them and determine what the colour would be if it were illuminated with white light.

Wendy's little fox contrasts against the white background. We see the true colours of the piece.

See more about Wendy's work by clicking on her images.

When it is flooded with blue light only the blue is reflected to the eye. It becomes one with the blue background. The smooth surfaces reflect more light. It looks and feels so different!

Blue light\in a blue scheme will not alter the colours or have a great impact

Glenise  paints the cool blues of the water

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When you have a white wall and a blue light fitting blue light will be evident, and should be considered part of the scheme

Leonie uses lots of blues creating the feeling of water

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A blue light can add to coordinate the splashes of blue in a space.

Jeanene uses the blue sky as a constant in her jacaranda panels

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when you see blue, it means that the blue is being reflected to your eye and the other colours are absorbed.

we enjoy blue skies as they bring the feeling of a sunny day.

Some mood boards with blue light to inspire!