Let us go on a drawing excursion!

the most common perspective is 2 point. If you place the points at eye height, all the vertical lines are parallel.

The most common is when the  lines to the 3rd point are all vertical -this is the most realistic as the eye height of the viewer is on the horizon

see Jeanene's 1970s kitchen water colour design above

A manual perspective drawing is an art! See Leonie's work under way above.

To draw a 2 point perspective - project lines from the plan and elevation

add 2 points at eye height -

block in a wall within the lines

block in the other wall and columns

add the sides of the columns which go to the red point and the roof.

add some colour and landscaping to sit the building on the ground.

Leonie demonstrates a manual drawing

Leonie has created a 2 point perspective of this building from the working drawings of the plan and elevation