beach excursion boxes story

Enjoy opening your design excursion box!!

Empty the contents and experience your own excursion!

When you receive the box the contents can be displayed on the corner of your desk - or on a shelf. See how it was designed below...

A perfect gift to remember your holiday, or to dream of one to come.....

You, or your loved ones can now enjoy your BEACH EXCURSION at any time!

Dream of new experiences or relive past ones. As a bonus, learn how and why the design evolved. Indulge yourself, or surprise someone as a gift.




and create a poem!

Memories past, and future dreams.

Close your eyes and smell the salt air,

Feel the warmth of the Gold Coast sun

Penetrating your muscles

As you relax to the rhythm of

Flags flapping as the

Waves wander across the

Glistening sand.

Hear distant laughter….

Feel… by Jeanene Hyles 10/2016


I started to paint beach excursion things .... first layers of the small paintings, stripes on umbrellas, wash the shells.....

I then painted some shells with copper paint - used an additive to help adhere the paint..

They match our logo!!!

I painted some paper umbrellas top copper. The blue stripes are underneath.

It will create some great shadows on the sand!

I used a square of balsa wood. Painted it gold for sand. Now the umbrella can stand up!

I continued with more layers of waves. Have to wait for each layer to dry.......

We think it would be an idea to take the painting for some Queensland sun and some salt air!

We then tagged the side of the small painting with one of our Tasmanian manufactured copper logos.

We cut some fabric to portray a beach towel. The navy blue and white stripe reflects a nautical theme.

I printed my poem. Placed it on the back of the certificate of authenticity.

I then signed them "Jeanene Hyles" with my logo.

We then purchased some kids safe Grange sand from New South Wales.

This has been specially sourced from a clean, weed-free environment, washed and screened. We placed some in small glass jars.

We then assembled all the pieces, including the certificate of authenticity, ready to place in their box.

They were placed in their box. The boxes are manufactured by Craftpak in Queensland, Australia. They are made with recycled material, and our logo is printed on the front with white foil.

I then signed them "Jeanene Hyles" with my logo.

Each box was then gift wrapped in luxurious thick recycled paper. This is made in Victoria, Australia

It is now ready to post to you!!

All wrapped ready to go!

Jeanene has now created a sunrise, and sunset beach excursion box!

Feel the excitement of the new day at the beach, or relax as the last light brings memories.....