colourED LIGHT

White light is created when the primary light colours of red, green and blue light beams add together.

The secondary light colours are cyan, magenta and yellow light beams.

A white surface will be seen when white light (a mixture of colours of red, green and blue light beams) reflects to the eye.

A mixture of different amount of colours will create the other colours

For example 1 part red and 2 parts blue will make a violet light.

If you use 1 part red and 4 parts blue it will be purple

You 'see' a colour when all the other wavelengths of colour are absorbed into a surface, and one is reflected to your eye.

In the back of the eye are rods (which 'see' black and white) and cones (which 'see' colours)

They then send chemicals to the brain which then computes what is being seen.

Sometimes there is an overload in the system and the brain compensates. 

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