How to be involved with

a Design Excursion

We invite you to join the guest list for A DESIGN EXCURSION'S INTERNET POP UP PARTY!!

We have random POP UP sales - sometimes for 1 day, or an hour!

They can be on selected ranges, colours, or material.

Allow us to email you when something new is evolving! Find out who is using a design excursion pieces, what we are making, and be the first to know when they will be available.

Each year we have special Birthday deals for you.

Please #adesignexcursion if you have images that are relevant to the design excursion that week on social media.

We love adding images to our design pages (with acknowledgement of the photographer of course) please forward any images to contribute please email them directly.

Please contact us if you would like to be considered to have a page on our website, with links to your social media and your website. We ask that we use examples your work at our discretion, to demonstrate design elements on our website, and our social media posts. This helps to enhance the educational aspect, as well as promoting your work!