About Leonie Mulqueeney

Leonie is an experienced designer and fine artist.

She not only offers great works of art, but her encouragement and sense of humour add to the equation! We are so happy to consider her a friend.

Leonie is an experienced designer and fine artist, who paints original Australian Contemporary Abstracts

Currently recently Leonie opened Moth Gallery 2 on the Gold Coast, but now has an annual exhibition in November and operates online.

2010-2012 – the creation of “Moth Gallery” Connection Arcade, Parramatta NSW, amidst the Artists’ hub in western Sydney.

Leonie Mulqueeney of Loniart has been sketching and drawing all her life. Previously, she has been a Building Designer, manually drawing plans and presentations, a Graphic Designer designing office stationery/branding, an Interior Design Teacher at TAFE and a compulsive doodler!

Previous work –
Formerly, mainly Pen and Ink on Paper, Watercolour & Gouache – abstract & landscapes, ink on trace – house plans, perspectives and technical drawings.

Graphic design – Hand-written Wedding Invitations, cartooning and book illustrations, CD Covers, logo & business stationery design,
Interior and Building Design - Architectural and Design Presentations.

Current Work –
Decor Art – blends of colour, texture, media & subject to bring interior schemes together.

Contemporary Abstract –Oil or Acrylic on Canvas, Gouache on Paper, Mosaic-like work in gouache, Optical Illusions

Currently - Part time Design Teaching, TAFE Qld Gold Coast and part to full-time living the itinerant artist lifestyle, learning, seeking, hopefully improving!

Moving away from the precision of Architectural work, learning to enjoy the ‘play’ with media and the challenge of the progression of a piece, enjoying the freedom to explore.