kNick knack patterns

and ideas for 30cm doll - like barbie

let us go on a Dolls House Design Excursion!

Please contact us so we can email you the PDF patterns for free!     We encourage exploration!

Please add to our social media sites with things you have created 

As part of our design excursion we have created patterns and ideas to suit barbie sized dolls at 1:6

Six 30 cm dolls will be the height of an adult girl. So all the furniture and furnishings needs to be 1/6 of the original.

We have created a bed and mattress pattern for Barbie sized doll. It is a pdf file which can be printed on A4 sheets.  Please contact us with the pattern you would like us to email you for free

Extension sheets are included which can be printed for sizes, with ideas for  experienced excursion advocates.


We also have sheets, and pillow case patterns below

print off the pieces, and pin or glue to cardboard, foamboard or even something substantial like mdf or balsa wood sheets.

Use the code KP2201 BARBIE BED for us to send you the pattern - it comes with a free mattress pattern!

 you can cover the mattress with foam or something soft to be under the sheet. Ideas are in the package.


just fold material in to 4, pin the pattern , cut out. Use a fray free material, or hem a fabric which freys.


the little pillow is filled with foam, or kitchen sponge, then a pillow case envelopes it.


Use the pattern to cut out a fabric which will not fray, or hem one which does fray (the edges unravel)

Use the size to create a knitted or crochet blanket. There are heaps of tutorials on You Tube!

If you are creating 1:12 scaled pieces, just halve all our patterns. This is the standard size for most traditional dolls houses.


We have instructions on making a really basic cushion with no sewing - a ribbon is threaded through holes around the outside of a woven fabric

We also have instructions so you can use this size to create a stitched fabric cushion

A crochet or knitted cushion can be fun to co-ordinate with your scheme


using the same size as the bed!

This is a basic (not to scale) truck pattern, which could be made with foamboard or mdf, ready to decorate and play.

Play with things like a crochet cover over a wooden block as a footstool 

think  about gluing bits and pieces to a piece of cardboard to create an artwork

We encourage the use of things around the house to upcycle.

Once you have the pattern, you can learn to knit or crochet - use videos from the internet to create blankets and cushions to suite you decor.

Add a painting using the colours you have selected - or create a collage from magazine cutouts, or images on the internet printed out and pasted on to a piece of cardboard. 

Find feathers and make a wall hanging. Use left over ribbons to glue on a lamp.

Then create simple outfits for Barbie to co-ordinate with her space!

ideas for colour schemes

We have looked at 4 trends for 2022, and curated a scheme to give you ideas

2022 trends - SCHEME 1 - WATER BLUES

the colours of water will flow into interiors this year. Reflective metallic, to stained satin timbers.


Blocks of white create an impact. Add a collection of black and white pieces framed in thick white frames.  Handmade tiles, fabrics and artwork continue to give a homely retreat feel.

Collect fabrics, fibres and shapes around the house that are the colours of water.

Look at the patterns to see what to make.

We created a ladder from sticks, and painted it white. A crochet bed cover, white sheets and pillow case, and a few interesting pillows. Add a rug and little painting of the beach - or cut out a picture and stick on cardboard.

2022 trends - SCHEME 2 - BEACH SAND

butter and soft sandy colours, including the taupe shadows with pops of greys, pale blues

Or add contrasting greens, dark browns and black. Bleached timber with sand, taupe and a pop of sunset pink, or contrasting pops of blue/grey, or black or chocolate bring a more dramatic feel.

Collect fabrics, fibres and shapes around the house that are the colours of sand, add black and white for contrast.

Look at the patterns to see what to make.

We glued together paddle pop sticks - braced behind to make a bleached timber mat, then used yellows with contrasting black and white pieces.

2022 trends -SCHEME 3 -  DUNES

the greens of the sand dunes bring a lush feeling of nature to your space!

Add chocolate brown, or dark greys to create a warm space, or use pale slate blue or white to create a retreat from hot beach days.

Collect fabrics, fibres and shapes around the house that are the colours of greens in the sand dunes, and some water and sky colours

Look at the patterns to see what to make.

We played with texture in this scheme. The shiny pillows contrast to the knotted scatter cushions and crochet blanket.

For the painting, create a frame then paint an abstract water scene, or cut pictures from magazines.

2022 trends -


bright pops of orange and fuscia

curved furniture and small art collections make spaces feel homely. Special handcrafted décor pieces and artworks break the solid colours. Checks in bold colours. Add hand crafted textured pieces

Collect fabrics, fibres and shapes around the house that are the colours of a bright sunset!

Look at the patterns to see what to make.

We found a hand dyed wool that had all the colours of a sunset. Creating a lamp which fits a tea light in it, and covered timber blocks for ottomans.