by Wendy
Australian Artist ūüź®
Original pieces, inspired by wildlife & nature.

Wendy's love of wildlife and creating has lead to create sculptures, castings & jewellery, forming her Wild Enchantments.

Wendy creating her pieces at Thinking Hand Studios on the Gold Coast.

Sculpting animals and wildlife has been her hobby for many years and she now has some of her creatures cast as jewellery in Sterling Silver.

All casting are hypoallergenic so perfect for sensitive skin.

Wendy is trained in vet nursing and sculpture.

Wendy's mother, Patty is a retired teacher and zoo keeper forms a great alliance with Wendy.

Both do wildlife rescue and are passionate about the conservation of vulnerable species.

They raise money for special wildlife charities.

Wendy also creates sterling silver rings with semi precious stones.

Wendy does extensive research for her pieces creating sketches of her designs

She has been able to help a Flying Fox rescue group in Australia with her bat jewellery and you can find the bat earrings, bat pendants and tiny bat studs at www.batsqld.org.au This is a wonderful charity that rescues injured and orphaned bats. 

Wendy's pieces arrive beautifully presented with her special message for you.