add extra gift wrapping!

Let us go on our wrapping design excursion......

Included already with your purchase from A DESIGN EXCURSION:

- your piece is carefully wrapped in environmentally friendly black tissue paper

placed in a specially crafted box from Craftpak. It is an Australian manufactured recycled box - 220 x 220 x 75mm with our logo stamped with white foil on top.

then wrapped it in our thick black recycled paper made in Melbourne, Australia.

We then stick our Australia Post label and send it to you - postage in Australia included.

We understand that the paper may be bumped during its journey, and there is a sticker on it.

One outer layer of thick paper will protect the contents.

To present your gift in a polished fashion we offer for an extra $5.00:

- an extra layer of thick Australian made black paper, inside the outer layer of paper.

- tied with premium quality Hemp cord dyed naturally

- a gift tag - please see our card gallery to use your design, or we will select one randomly.