colours - toned

We Tone a colour by adding some of the contrasting colour to make a form of grey

Add the contrasting paint colour to tone a colour. The value will often become darker.

Just before a colour becomes the perfect grey (with equal proportions of primary paint colours- red, blue, yellow) it will be a taupe. There is a slight predominance of a secondary colour (orange-taupe, green-taupe, purple-taupe)

Meet Tony Tone!

He is a toned Orange (with green added to tone him down)

toned colours

When you tone a colour it creates a calm feel. Even when it is contrasted with black or white, because it is closer to grey than a high chroma primary colour, there is less impact.

toned colours

Glenise uses a toned orange, with contrasting blue. The contrasts of the value also add to the impact of this piece.

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toned colours

Toned colours are often seen in nature - natural stone and timber. These make you feel calm. Add some dramatic patterns to liven the space!

toned colours

Leonie has created a toned textured piece which brings calm.

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toned colours

When you see bright colours in the early or last light, they seem toned. If these are copied, a relaxing feel will be created.

toned colours

Jeanene uses a toned colour for the ground and leaf matter which contrasts against the male blue wrens feeding, the girls are camouflaged.

Toned colours will often work with their contrasting colour, as they have some of that colour in them.

Add tones décor pieces to enhance your space.

Some toned mood boards to inspire!

toned colours
toned colours

green tones

toned colours

orange tones

purple tones

mix a contrasting colour to create a toned colour

Lets go on a toned design excursion!