red purple

The paint colour RED-PURPLE (MAGENTA, HOT PINK, FUSCIA) is one of the tertiary colours (red and purple are mixed together)  This is a warm purple.


A Tint is a pink/mauve – add white

Value is plum – add black or shade

a tone is a dusty pink – add contrasting colour (yellow green)

purple/taupe grey - add more contrasting colour

Magenta is a secondary additive light colour.

When you add red and blue light beams together you make magenta light.

If white light goes through red and blue glass magenta light will emerge.

We think red purple relates to the energy of a red diagonal line and the relaxing rhythmic zig zag lines of purple

Meet Raul Red-purple!

Add a pop of red purple to a neutral scheme

In 2016 rose quartz and serenity were pantones combined colours of the year

In 2014 pantones colour of the year was radiant orchid

lets go on a red purple design excursion!