PINK = red purple or red tint 

Pink is such a definite popular colour that we are giving it a page of its own. It is a tint of red, or red purple, and sometimes a pale red orange is said to be pink.  This would be a skin colour.


A Tint is a pink/mauve – add white

Value is plum – add black or shade

a tone is a dusty pink – add contrasting colour (yellow green)

purple/taupe grey - add more contrasting colour

Colour/Hue - RED PAINT

Tint is pink – add white

Lower value is burgundy – add shade/black

Tone is dusky pink– add the contrasting colour - green

green taupe – add more contrasting colour.

We think pink relates to the energy of a red diagonal line and the relaxing rhythmic zig zag lines of purple

Meet Pippa Pink!

A pink flower brings such emotions

In 2016 rose quartz and serenity were pantones combined colours of the year

In 2014 pantones colour of the year was radiant orchid

Pinks bring a calmer feel than bright red or magenta.

Glenise brings a pink to this piece evoking the feeling of skin

Select the colours of art to inspire the colours of the room. See more about Glenise by clicking on the image

Add pink to red to create contrasts

Leonie brings pink to this piece! See more about Leonie by clicking on the image

Add a pop of pink to a neutral scheme

Jeanene's deco deviation brings an orange tint to the discussion about pink

the hand dyed pinks from Moseley Park contrast against the grey in this piece.

Jeanene uses lots of textures with pink in this piece

lets go on a pink design excursion!

Some pink mood boards to inspire!