red orange

The paint colour RED ORANGE (PEACH, TERRACOTTA, CORAL) is one of the tertiary colours (orange and red are mixed together)

Colour/Hue - RED/ORANGE

A Tint is pale salmon – add white

a warm brown is a Lower value – add shade/black

Tone is a dusty salmon – add contrasting colour (blue-green)

A mauve taupe/grey – add more contrasting colour.

When you add red, green and blue light beams together you make white light.

To make orange add one part green light with 2 parts red.

To make red-orange add one part green light with 4 parts red.

meet Reggie Red-orange!

We think red orange relates to the energy of acurved

orange line and a diagonal action red line

red orange

RED ORANGE hand dyed fibre glows warmth.

Tangerine tango was the colour of the year for pantone in 2012

living coral - Pantones colour of the year for 2019

Brandon Brown allows us to explore such a popular colour. It is usually a tone of red orange - but can also be a tone of red or orange, or even yellow orange.

lets go on a red orange design excursion!