brown = red orange low value

Brown is a colour which is used so much. It is reflecting the natural colours of timber.

It can be a low valued orange, red or red orange.

we walk on dirt, timber, stones and many other brown items. This gives brown a grounding feeling.

Colour/Hue - brown

Tint – add white to make pale pink

Lower value – add shade/black to make a brown

tone - add contrasting colour (blue to blue green)

orange taupe/grey – add more contrasting colour.

meet Brandon Brown!

We think brown relates to the energy of a curved brown line and a relaxing waved line

Use timber on walls to bring a relaxing natural feel to your space. Add one of Glenise's pieces which depict nature.

Glenise uses contrasting brown vertical lines to bring a stable calm feeling to her work. Click on the image to see more.

Add lots of different browns to create a harmonious space. Leonie's textured piece is perfect!

Leonie uses toned colours to subtly create textures and lines. Click on the image to see more.

add subtle natural colours to create a relaxing sleeping space. Click on the image to see more about Jeanene.

Jeanene has created the forest floor with browns. The fairy wrens dart as they find food.

see our furnishings shop to see what has been handcrafted for you!

crochet blankets are so warm! AND they add colours and textures to your space.

 some brown moodboards to inspire

lets go on a brown design excursion!