shapes hexagon

This hexagon is made of horizontal (relaxing) lines and diagonal (movement) lines

The is a tension between these lines, yet there is order as your eye moves continuously - yet jerky - around the perimeter as it would with a circle.

This hexagon is made of vertical (ready for action) lines and diagonal (movement) lines.

The feeling is totally different creating more energy

If you continue the lines of a hexagon you can make a triangle or a square.

Meet Hector Hexagon!

Because a hexagon has a zig zag pattern, and the eye moves around the shape in a repetitive rhythmic spiritual motion, we feel that it should be represented by purple.

Add décor items with diagonal lines to relate to the hexagons in a space

Print art work in a hexagon to relate to the tiles

try a hexagon tile splashback to add texture and energy to your space.

Jeanene has created a hexagon as the centre of a larger piece.

Use hexagon tiles to relate to Glenise's artwork. Hexagons create a sense of tension between the lines. If they are used as a group (eg tile pattern) there becomes a rhythmic sense of order.

Glenise uses shapes that relate to a hexagon on the pond.

See more of Glenise's work by clicking on her images.

Add a hexagon frame to bring energy the the space. continue the theme with furniture.

Add artwork with diagonal lines to add to the energy in the space, like Leonies piece.

See more of Leonies work by clicking on her images.

Play with the diagonal lines of hexagons on your walls or couch.

Jeanene uses diagonal lines in this piece which relate to the hexagons in the space.

See more of Jeanene's work by clicking on her images.

add energy to a piece with hexagons

Jeanene used a hexagon to create this throw.

some hexagon mood boards to inpspire!