subtract SHAPES from each other

When we subtract one shape from another

(Make a hole in it)

A different feeling is created.

It may be reinforcing the feel like a square inside a square like Leonie's image which creates a stable solid feel. A different feel would occur if you placed a triangle in a circle

Many buildings have shapes perforating the façade. Windows create a rhythm or arches create a different feel again like above in Stephens image

Meet Suki Subtract!

Holly Pepper uses hexagon shapes subtracted from the circles. Thankyou Holly for allowing us to use your image - please click on the image to visit her website.

Clayton Blake creates impressive installations! The large circle is impacted by the circular shapes created with shopping trolleys it creates in the negative space.

Thankyou Clayton for allowing us to use your images.

Please click on the image to visit his website and see more!

Christopher Trotter uses the negative space in this piece. Thankyou for allowing us to use this image - please click on the image to see his website.

Leonie creates a piece with a circle subtracted from another reinforcing the fluid central focus.

Add an arch and light fitting to reflect the art.

see more of Leonie's work by clicking on her images

Glenise subtracts the arch from the wall. See the door in the distance? This adds depth as we know that usually there is another space beyond a door.  

 Subtracting a fireplace from the wall and an arch in the wall create new spaces.

see more of Glenise's work by clicking on her images.

Jeanene subtracts windows from the building

see more about Jeanene by clicking on her images

Jeanenes blanket uses one shape from the other subtracted

Jeanene creates shapes which use shapes subtracted from the other.

some mood boards with shapes subtracted