arrange SHAPES to a rhythm

Think of music - a drum beating in the background as the eye bounces from shape to shape.

The repetitive shapes form a binding element.

This can be used to create an atmosphere, or to lead people in a direction. When the other instruments begin to play the environment has added interest!

When a shape of the same size is repeated a calming effect is created - like a drum beat or a heart beat.

The environment is relaxing. The shapes dance to a rhythm. The calm can be reinforcing the colour scheme, or add cohesiveness to a dramatic space.

When there is a regular line or shape repeated and random shapes are introduced, the rhythm remains calm - with interest.

This is when the violin plays, or the trumpet sounds

The shapes may vary in size, the orientation or positions can vary, or maybe a shape is missing!

When there are random shapes and lines the 'music' will be bouncing around, as the eye is caught in a flurry of where to look next.

Different sizes, orientations or positions will add interest.

This is not a calm environment - perfect for hallways and party environments!

When you select handmade pieces with repetitive stitches, a calm feel is evoked.

Glenise creates a rhythm with her bodies - feel the music!

See more about Glenise by clicking on her images.

add repetitive shapes to create a rhythm.

imagine Leonies piece is music - there is a background drum beat with a tune on top!

 See more about Leonie by clicking on her images

place your cushions in a repetitive way to create a beat.

Glenise uses umbrellas to create a rhythm in this piece. Our knowledge of what an umbrella looks like, adds subconsciously to the rhythm.

see more about Glenise by clicking on the image.

See more of Jeanene's throws by clicking on the image

Feel the rhythm of Leonies piece!

see more about Leonie by clicking on the image.

the rhythm of Leonie's vertical lines are used as inspiration to create other rhythmic pieces such as the bed head and light fitting in this concept.

feel the rhythm as you walk through this space

some mood boards with rhythm to inspire....