ARRANGE shapes - radiating

When shapes are arranged in a radiating formation there can be an emphasis on the intersection. This becomes the focal point.

RADIATE from a central point. The diagonal line create energy.

There is energy created - usually the eye moves to the centre of the converging lines.

It then moves out along each path, thus creating energy - apart from a lot of diagonal lines!!

This could be a floor pattern, or the way the furniture is arranged in an environment.

Artworks can also be a factor!

Look at subtle ways of creating radiating lines to a central point

often lines showing the distance from a point on a map will radiate!

The crochet patterns radiate from a centre in the Urchins created by 100s of locals for the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

Jeanene used pieces of balsa wood to create a radiating flower pattern in her dolls house curation.

nature always does it so well! Radiating lines of a flower.

Glenise uses water lilies which radiate from the centre. 

See more about Glenise by clicking on the image

The radiating lines of the flowers in Glenise's piece create a controlled movement, contrasting to the leaves.

radiating patterns on the floor and wall creates energy to this space 

Leonie uses radiating lines from the corner of this piece. Please click on the image to see more about Leonie

The use of the radiating lines on the floor reflects the spider web in Jeanene's painting.

the use of the radiating lines in the spider web helps to contain the elements in this piece by Jeanene - see more about Jeanene by clicking on the image.

arrange a hand crafted scarf in a radiating fashion to create energy.

try gaps in the lines - the eye will fill in the gaps!

Some radiating mood boards to inspire!