shapes - arrange off centre

When a point is centred it is stable. The mind is at rest. When it is off centred things change....

A point cannot be measured, it has no length, width or height.

It has no movement.

If you see a wall and floor, and all the items are off centre, there is a different dynamic occurring. The brain wants to 'even' up the area in some way

A window, or furnishings will balance an artwork that is off centre.

Placing things off centre brings movement as the eye moves to the blank space subconsciously wanting to move the item to the centre.

Glenise uses a person placed in an off centred position. The lines connect the piece as your eye moves around it.

When this piece is placed off centre to the table it is balanced by the plant.

see more of Glenise's work by clicking on her image

Leonie uses texture and lines to balance her off centred yellow rectangle.

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When Leonie's piece is placed off centre on the wall it is balanced with the -joinery.

Jeanene's bower bird is off centre on the wall, yet above the bed.

Jeanene's bower is placed off centred as it looks at the blue flowers ready to take to his nest.

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Jeanene's statement head pieces can be worn as a headband or hatband. The flower works well when placed off centred

See more of Jeanene's head pieces by clicking on the image.

Some off centres mood boards to inspire!