arrange SHAPES

in a centred way

When a shape is placed in a centred way it is stable.

A point marks a place in space

It has no length, width or height.

It has no movement. The mind is at rest. When a circular point grows it becomes a circle.

If you place a focal artwork in the centre is creates a calm feeling.

Meet centred man!

If there is a focal point in a room (for example - a table, a floor feature, a painting, a light fitting) the eye is drawn to this element.

Maps often show a point where you are standing at the centre and elements radiating from it such as this map on main beach, Gold Coast.

When two or more focal points are apparent then the dynamics change - see other arrangements.

Decor pieces which have a centre bring order to a space.

Placing Glenise's piece in the centre of the wall emphasises the centred stairway

click on the image to see more about Glenise

Placing an artwork like Leonie's circle over a fireplace  creates a calm space

click on the image to see more about Leonie

Jeanene's piece placed in a centred position brings order which is reinforced with the placement of furniture.

designs that are structured around a central point create order.

click on the image to see more about Jeanene

Jeanenes giant cushion is ordered and calm although the colours are of high chroma!

although Jeanene's throw is a hexagon, it evolves around a central point creating order.

Some centred mood boards to inspire.....