shapes - add

add shapes together to create a new feeling.

adding shapes will show the geometry as the essence, then add details.

For example a handle on a cup adds a new dimension to the cylinder.

the shapes of the buildings added together create a skyline.

observe the way different shapes added together complement each other. The curves envelope each other.

repetition of shapes will create a rhythm as they are added together. See rhythm.

the triangle on top of the cube creates a powerful presence of the life saver towers on the GoldCoast.

At Christmas time the towers are decorated. Jeanene has painted the lifesavers in the shadows of the added shapes.

adding shapes together to create décor items and furniture creates a geometric feel. Add artwork to complement

Leonie adds a bird to a cylinder pole silhouetted for impact.

See more of Leonie's work by clicking on the image.

add blocks of shapes to make a kitchen. using the same cube shape brings consistency. Add Glenise's bold shapes in her Artwork to complete the geometry.

Glenise adds the shapes of the outback which contrast to the sky.

See more of Glenise's work by clicking on the image.

add shapes to create a homely sleeping space. All the pieces add up.

Jeanene adds shapes to create her daisy pattern.

See more about Jeanene by clicking on the image

Add cushions to match our throws - by Jeanene

Jeanene usually creates 2 mismatched cushion covers to match her throws

some mood boards with shapes added to inspire