shape - sphere

A sphere is a 3 dimensional circle.

It has a calming effect as it reminds us of the moon and the sun.

Some may associate it with a ball, and as such will feel movement (and any other past feelings with a sport)

We feel yellow represents the energy of a sphere.

Meet Sophia Sphere!

One large sphere may create a calm effect,

but many "balls" may create a contrast and energy in a space.

use circular art pieces to complement the energy

as you unwind a ball of wool, the calming energy is felt of a sphere

We are currently finding more sphere artworks

We ask permission before using designers work!

In 2018 many Gold Coasters rallied for the creation of The Urchins. Swell Sculpture festival curated the event. (click to see more of their work)

Over 80 people crocheted pieces which were sewn together and exhibited during the Commonwealth Games.

Designed by Choi and Shine Architects- (click to see more of their designs)

Leonie uses lots of apples to bring energy to the contrasting black.

See more about Leonie by clicking on her images

but many "balls" may create a contrast and energy in a space.

Glenise created this egg for Easter.

See more about Glenise by clicking on her images

Add some décor pieces to complement the art to create a calm energy

Jeanene created some disco balls to bring energy to your space

See more about Jeanene by clicking on her images

add some little sphere lights to complement

Jeanene has created some giant cushions!

Add spheres to bring gentle movement to the space.

Sophia has dressed to create moodboards to inspire!