shape pyramid

As a shape a pyramid has the energy of the diagonal lines and the stability of the horizontal lines.

The ancient Egyptians felt that the energy created would help preserve items in it. The energy has also been attributed to many other ideas.

Using a pyramid shape in an environment:

It will create a feeling of energy

We feel red provides energy

A giant pyramid was created at Swell Sculpture Festival, at the  Gold Coast in 2016. Clayton Blake's installation: "project Bread" was made with bread crates!

His use of everyday items to create such an architectural piece is a credit to his ability to ask us to look at things differently. A pyramid shape is usually associated with ancient permanent tombs, where as the bread crate is an everyday disposable item.

The scale was a significant factor - people, and the crates help to help perceive such. Thank you Clayton for allowing us to use images of your work.

Click on the image to see more of claytons work on his web site.