shape - cube

A cube is six squares joined together.

As such it is 6 times the feeling of stability!

It is ordered, predicable and visually calm, settled and predictable.

add cubes in so many ways to your space to bring a sense of order. This ottoman was created by Jeanene

We think the clam of blue relates to a cube.

Meet Cubby Cube!

Clayton Blake uses cubes in this piece, bringing a feeling of stability. Placing them at angles creates movement. Thankyou Clayton for allowing us to use your images.

Please click on his image to go to his web page.

Leonie has transformed this cube! The Gold Coast Council has helped to change many of their cubes and support local artists.

Please click on her image see more of her work

You/Me/Sky/Sea, by Jasmine at the Swell Sculpture festival on the Gold Coast. This sculpture focuses on the timeless nature of our engagement with our environment, with ourselves and with each other. The cube with its shapes cut out is a kind of thought catcher. The inside being a reminder of the value of spending time in contemplation and the value of human connection.

In contrast the exterior of the sculpture reflects and therefore engages with the surrounding environment. Mirroring our relationship to nature. Regardless of human intervention the sun rises and sets, the waves toss in the sea. Everything is connected. Thankyou Jasmine for allowing us to feature your piece - see more at her website by clicking on her images.

use a cube shape for décor items and arrange equally to create an ordered feel

Glenise's piece relates to the cubes in the space as it is essentially a cube weather beaten!

see more about Glenise by clicking on her images

When you use cold hard cubes naturally a powerful solid feel is happening

Add the dancing lines of Leonies piece to add some energy to the space

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Cubes in this nursery allow for a sense of calm

Jeanene's little galahs can be arranged in so many ways

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see our knick knack for your dolls house by clicking on the image.

Jeanene has create little foot stools as cubes for your dolls house

Cubby changed colours to inspire creativity as mood boards for you