shape cone

The cone shape incorporates the calm circle with the diagonal angles of the sides.

The cone shape in an environment will create a sense of tension between the shapes. But many people will associate it with the experience of eating an ice cream and will feel good!

Clayton Blake art is able to use the cone shape in this piece to create such a statement! Thankyou for allowing us to use images of your work! Thankyou Clayton for allowing us to share your work - please visit his website by clicking on his image.

Rebecca Cunningham created an interesting piece at the Swell Sculpture festival in 2016, using cone like shapes. Thankyou for allowing us to use images of your work! 

please visit her website by clicking on her image.

We feel that a cone relates to the colour yellow orange. The energy of the diagonal lines, and the calm energy of a circle - Meet Cortney Cone!