shape - circle

A circle makes for a relaxed feel

We see it in nature (Sun, moon, bubbles, fruit) and familiar things in our environment such as balls and wheels.

Circles represent warmth, energy and femininity.

The eye keeps moving around the shape without a beginning or end, which makes it such a peaceful, harmonious shape.

Yellow and circles give a warm comforting feeling. The energy rolls in a natural way like sunshine!

When the yellow sun peeks over the horizon, you experience the rotation as our days roll on.

We think the properties of a circle relate to those of the colour yellow, and have used it for our circle men and women!

circles are used for diagrams starting at the centre, often indicating the point where you are standing, and showing where you can go.


Will create a relaxed feel.

The scale will make a difference- many small dots (for example poka dot fabric pattern) will have a contrasting effect in contrast to one large circular object (for example a table)

Small circles patterns create a rhythmic energy

Leonie uses the power of a circle in this piece -no beginning - no end as the eye moves around it.

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add circular décor pieces and furniture to complete the feel

Glenise uses a circle in this piece, and continues to allow the eye to move around the piece with arcs.

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Use an art work as a focal element to your space. Glenise's piece with a definite shape and colour

Jeanene uses circles for her disco ball paintings

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Add circular cushions to complement your circular paintings

Giant round cushions are fun!

Add them to your space to create movement

Some circular mood boards to inspire

Let us go on a circular design excursion!