Zigzag lines emphasise the diagonal "action" lines

look to nature to see zig zag energy

diagonal lines seem to balance each other as a repetitive nature of the zig zag creates a calming spiritual feeling, as you would in a meditative state.

The zig zag line is depicted as purple - reds excitement with blues calm.

The reinforcement of triangulation creates and interesting zig zag pattern - the diagonal lines are in competition with each other - creating a visual tension.

Often shadows will create lines at different times of the day, creating a different atmosphere, as seen with the screen shadow.

The towers of classical buildings create a zig zag pattern, bringing a calm rhythm.

Add a zig zag pattern to your space - such as wicker to bring a calm energy.

Leonie uses lines to create a subtle zig zag pattern

see more about Leonie by clicking on her images

Arrange cushions in a zig zag pattern to create energy to your space

The line at the top of the grass creates a subtle zig zag pattern creating a calm energy

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Add zig zag architectural features to bring a repetitive energy to your space.

We have used our designers artwork to create greeting cards - click on the card to see more

Jeanene uses zig zags to create her autumn tree - and arrange the lights in a zig zag pattern to add to the energy

often a crochet stitch will create a zig zag pattern

the rhythmic pattern of zig zags creates energy

Some zig zag mood boards to inspire

Let us go on a zig zag design excursion!