colours triadic


3 colours whose points are equidistant on the colour wheel

tertiary colours of red-orange, yellow-green and blue- purple create an interesting triadic scheme.

Use a décor item, like Jeanene's cushion to inspire the colours in your space.

Meet Triana Triadic!

The primary colours of Blue, red, yellow are strong impact colours which create a popular triadic colour scheme.

using primary colours has a high impact scheme.

The secondary colours orange, green and purple allow for an interesting feeling not as strong as contrasting colours

Use lots of textures to create a different feeling triadic scheme using secondary colours.

Glenise uses primary colours blocked to create an interesting space.

See more about Glenise by clicking on her images.

Use primary colours as decor items in a neutral space to create interest

Leonie creates many pieces using one colour, and lots of texture.

See more about Leonie by clicking on her images.

Collect 3 of Leonies pieces in a triadic theme and then block the walls to match.

Jeanene uses a triadic scheme for this hibiscus print.

See more about Jeanene's by clicking on her images.

Block the colours to match the hibiscus. A black wall adds to the impact.

subtle hand dyed colours add interest to a triadic scheme.

add some texture to a triadic scheme with hand crafted pieces.

Some triadic mood boards to inspire!