colour scheme - monochromatic

A MONOCHROME COLOUR SCHEME uses one (mono) colour (chrome) with tints and tones that colour.  You can then add black, white or grey as they are not colours.

Add black to a colour to create a tone of that colour.

Or add white to a colour to create a tint of that colour.

Meet Mondo Mono who will explore monochromatic colour schemes with you!

One way to create a monochrome scheme is to use tints and values of the one colour with different textures

To calm the drama, use a lot of white and grey with your monochrome scheme.

To add dramatic contrast use black.

Lower the value of the colour to achieve interest. 

Often colours from nature, such as greens and browns will feel comfortable in a monochrome scheme, without excessive black, white and greys.

Add one colour to a white scheme creating a calm environment. Remember that timber is a colour! Consider these elements as part of your scheme.

Glenise has used one colour over her black and white piece.

See more of Glenise's work by clicking on her images.

Add black and a toned red timber floor to lots of red texture to create drama!

Leonie has used lines, and lower valued red  to create this piece.

See more of Leonies work by clicking on her images.

Using textures and patterns with one pattern creates an interesting space.

Jeanene played with tints and shades of a warm orange.

See more of Jeanene's work by clicking on her images.

Jeanene created a monochrome pillow to match!

A perfect grey is not a colour - and can be added to a monochrome scheme

some monochromatic mood boards to inspire!