harmonious COLOUR scheme


COLOUR SCHEMES are when you have any tints and tones of colours in a 90 degree part of the colour wheel eg. Red violet, red, red orange.

If you select a colour, then use the colours either side on the colour wheel you have harmony.

Harmonious colours bring a sense of calm with no contrasting surprises

Meet Harmon Harmonious! He loves colours that are together on the colour wheel.

select colours of different shades and tints and tones within the 90 degrees of the colour wheel to add interest.

Add beiges to complement the harmony

When artworks use 90 degrees of the colour wheel to select the scheme, they work well in a room with neutral greys, whites, and black with pops of colours derived from the artwork.

Alternatively, you can use harmonious colours on all surfaces, creating more impact.

Leonie uses greens and blues to create harmony.

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Use an artwork to find colours for the space which it will live in harmony.

Glenise uses oranges in this piece.

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The use of natural timber allows for harmony although the colours are energetic!

Jeanene's flame peas allow for harmony with the dark timber wall.

Jeanene used reds to create harmony.

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Jeanene used textures and harmonious colours.

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Some harmonious colour schemes to inspire!