colours harmonious contrast


eg. Red violet, red, red orange & green.

Any tints and tones of colours in a 90 degree part of the colour wheel and an opposite colour

Our brain loves to make a "grey" by placing a contrasting colour in an environment

Meet Harpo Harmonious!

Try a harmonious background for your space, using lots of texture. Then add furniture and artwork of a contrasting colour.

Things like art and cushions can instantly change your space with little expense, and inconvenience of digging up floors or scratching off wall paper!

A small pop of a contrasting colour will become a focal element.

Using a contrasting colour against the harmony of the same proportion will not have the same impact.

Add some green to contrast against an orange red scheme

Glenise added a little green to contrast.

See more about Glenise by clicking on her images.

Just add a little green to the orange-red scheme for contrast

Leonie uses a little green to contrast.

See more about Leonie by clicking on her images.

Just add some contrasting red-orange for impact! Throw some cushions in to enhance the feel.

Jeanene used a red orange background against the blue-purples and blue-greens.

See more about Jeanene by clicking on her images.

add a pop of blue to contrast the oranges and reds

the green contrasts against the reds (pinks) and oranges.

Some harmonious contrast moodboards to inspire!