colours cold

Cold colours are on the green/blue side of the colour wheel.

These colours make people feel cooler.

The environment recedes. We associate these colours with ice and snow.

Studies have been done were people will change the thermostat to make it warmer by 2-3 degrees when they are in a room with cool colours.

On hot days it is like being in a cool rainforest when covered with greenery, or on the ski slopes when ice blue is in your space.

This should be considered when deciding the colours for a room.

If you are in a hot climate cool colours will help with the cooling bill!

Past experiences, cultural influences should also be considered. Often people will think of blue as the blue ocean, and sky on a hot summers day!

Cold colours - make people feel cooler.

They are on the blue/green side of the colour wheel.

(Yellow and a cold purple (blue-purple) will be included)