achromatic colour schemes


is a colourless scheme using black, white, & grey.

Black and white and pure grey - THERE IS NO COLOUR

This scheme relies on strong contrast of value to work well.

Meet Acon Achromatic!

A good test of a coloured image is to make it black and white to see if the tints and values contrast.

Jeanene's gums work well on a black wall, adding depth.

In the 1970s there was a design trend which only used black and white décor. The idea was that the people, and their clothes would add the colour - or plants! 

The use of patterns, lines and texture are useful tools when colour is not available.

Add some artwork to instantly create interest.

Glenise uses no colour in this piece which makes the connection concept powerful.

Click on the image to see more about Glenise.

Add blocks of black and white with patterned pieces.

Leonie uses fine lines to create a pattern on white.

Click on the image to see more about Leonie.

Use light and lots of textures in an acromatic scheme.

Ask Jeanene about printing her pansies in black and white.

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Try lots of black and white textures in your sleeping space.

Jeanene used mostly black and white to bring the cold of a Winters day in the Sydney CBD.

Add bold geometric shapes against the black for impact.

Achromatic mood boards to inspire!