yellow orange

The paint colour YELLOW-ORANGE is one of the tertiary colours (yellow and orange are mixed together)


A Tint is beige – add white

Lower value is mouse brown– add shade/black

Tone is a orange taupe add contrasting colour (blue - purple)

Purple taupe/grey – add more contrasting colour.

Be inspired by nature! Find great colours like yellow orange - and see what nature provides as colour schemes.

meet Yona Yellow Orange!

We feel that yellow orange relates to the vertical ready for action line of yellow, with the calm repetitive nature of a waved line of orange.

think tank yellow orange

yellow orange textures

yellow orange works with beach themes

add some blue to yellow orange for  beach themes

Think of the warm fireplace, add some warm pieces in your space for Autumn, like Glenise's artwork.

Glenise uses yellow orange to create a warm natural piece. See more about Glenise by clicking her pieces

The yellow orange and red oranges in Leonie's piece pop on a black wall.

Leonie uses yellow orange and red orange to create an interesting diad. See more about Leonie by clicking her pieces

Orange yellow with blue is so beach! Create a holiday feel in your space to relax.

Jeanene uses yellow orange with blue in her sand dunes. Se more about Jeanene by clicking on the image.

Jeanene uses an interesting colour combination in this piece - including yellow orange

the harmony of yellow oranges, gold, and yellow in this hand crafted throw.

Orange yellow words

Orange yellow words

Orange yellow words

Orange yellow words

some yellow orange mood boards to inspire