yellow green

The paint colour YELLOW-GREEN (LIME) is one of the tertiary colours (yellow and green are mixed together)


(A high chroma or fluorescent would be LIME GREEN)

Tint is pale sage -add white

Lower value moss green – add shade or black

Tone – add contrasting colour (red purple)

purple/taupe – add more contrasting colour.

Yellow is a secondary light colour (when you mix green and red light beams together)

So when you add one part red and 2 parts green together you obtain a lime green light

Meet Yelena Yellow-Green!We think yellow green relates to a energetic curve of green and a ready for action vertical line of yellow to be portrayed as this figure

think tank yellow green

add aqua and taup to lime for an interesting combination

companion colours make such a different feel.

purple helps lime pop!

Glenise paints scenes from her travels - here is the Daintree, Australia with the lush lime greens.

add yellow green to darker tones for a contrast.

see more about Glenise by clicking on her images

Leonie uses lime green to contrast against the other colours.

Use an art work you love as a concept for the rest of the space. See more about Leonie by clicking on her images

Jeanene has used lime green to contrast against the darker green background, and the blue poppy

add yellow green to blue for impact!

see more about Jeanene by clicking on her images

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Lime green with green brings the colours to life - like new growth.

yellow green stones

yellow green words

dark timber helps yellow green pop!

A neutral background with tined yellow green creates a calm space.

lets go on a yellow green design excursion!
be inspired by these yellow green mood boards