The paint colour PURPLE is one of the secondary colours

(blue and red paints are mixed together)

Colour/Hue - PURPLE

Tint is mauve – add white

Lower value aubergine – add shade/black

Tone – dusty purple add contrasting colour (yellow)

Grey – add more contrasting colour (orange taupe).

When you add different light colours together they are different to mixing paints.

If you add red and blue light together they make magenta light.

If you add mostly blue light with a little bit of red it makes purple light

Meet Paavo Purple!

Because a hexagon has a zig zag pattern, and the eye moves around the shape in a repetitive rhythmic motion, we feel that it should be represented by purple. 

Purple is a spiritual, meditative colour. We feel that the rhythm of a zig zag line and hexagon is perfect!

let us go on a purple colour design excursion!
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