Grey paint

The perfect grey can be seen when equal proportions of the primary paint colours (red, blue and yellow) are mixed together

If there is a slight difference of proportions then a lower tone or eventually a taupe is created - see tone

When you mix different proportions of primary colours together you create TONES of that main primary colour.

These are often called greys or taupes.

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how we see grey,

how we make grey,

and how we react to grey.

mix equal amounts of primary paint colours together -red, yellow, and blue to make the perfect grey.

Tint- add white

value- add shade or black

tone- is a grey

think tank grey

neutrals work in so many environments

neutral emotions

Jeanene uses grey with blues

Leonie uses grey as a background.

See more about Leonie by clicking on her images

Use toned colours with greys to create a neutral space

Glenise uses greys to help focus on the subject and lines without colour

See more about Glenise by clicking on her images

Add pops of colour to a grey background

Jeanene uses grey to help her yellow daisies pop

See more about Jeanene by clicking on her images

Adding grey to yellow makes for a happy relaxing space

Jeanene uses grey to foil the yellow and aqua in this space

Jeanene adds a little bling to grey in this statement throw

decoraring with grey creates a timeless unemotional space

add pops of colour to grey to bring emotional responses to the space.

grey stones

grey words

grey is associated with twilight, ashes and death. Think of what emotional response you wish to achieve when using grey.

undyed wool is grey, used by peasants, and some monks.

even a grey day at Burleigh Heads is beautiful!

we see grey in nature when the light is covered from the sun.

Some mood boards inspire