The paint colour GREEN is one of the secondary  paint  colours (when you mix yellow and blue paint together)

Colour/Hue - GREEN

A tint is a pastel green – add white

Lower value – is a forest green- add shade/black

tone - a sage green -add some contrasting colour (red)

grey (green taupe) – add more contrasting colour.

Green is a primary additive light colour.

When you mix blue, red and green light beams together you make white light

Meet Garth green!

Green seems a great colour to represent an arc, oval and cylinder.

Nature demonstrates so many arcs!

They are relaxed, and calm, yet have a slow energy as they grow.

Leonie has a play with greens creating a harmonious natural piece.

See more about Leonie by clicking on her images

Add green to the floor and art work to bring nature in to your space

Glenise uses green trees to create depth to this piece, naturally.

See more about Glenise by clicking on her images

Se have been inspired by Glenise's piece add adding a block of blue and a textured green floor

Jeanene uses greens in the background.

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Using a toned darker wall creates an intimate cosy space, with pops of green.

Jeanene adds a little bling to these greens

add lots of tints of green with texture to create a statement.

some green mood boards to inspire
lets go on a green colour design excursion!
think tank greenemotional responses to greengreen wordsgreen wordsdecorating with green