paint colour - citrone

Citrone or mustard

Is mostly yellow with a little red and blue

A "tertiary" paint colour using different proportions of the primary paint colours

Colour/Hue - CITRONE

(Mostly yellow paint with some blue and red)

Tint – add white

Lower value – add shade/black

Tone – add contrasting colour

grey – add more contrasting colour

Citrone is made when you mix the three primary paint colours together - mostly yellow with a little blue and red

Or green (yellow and blue )

And orange (yellow and red)

2 parts yellow, 1 part blue, 1 part red

If they were equally mixed then you would have the perfect grey

We have named Citrone man Cisco.



Citrone in nature brings a harmonious feel.

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Use the citrone colours and patterns from your favourite artwork to inspire the décor in your space.

Black with citrone creates a dramatic effect

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Add citrone art to a black feature wall for impact

Jeanene used citrone to create a natural feel

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Add gold with citrone to create a luxurious feel

Jeanene's soft textured throws often use citrone

add pinks and greens to citrone to create an interesting colour scheme

Jeanene used citrone as a background which works with timber and stone

The blue wrens pop on the natural background as they forage.

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add pops of citrone using different patterns.

so many citrones, so much texture!

Be inspired by these citrone mood boards