blue purple

The paint colour BLUE - PURPLE  (VIOLET)

It is one of the tertiary colours (mixing blue and purple paint together)


Tint – add white to make a cool mauve

Lower value – add shade/black to make a slate purple

tone - add some contrasting colour (orange yellow) to make a grey/violet

orange/taupe, grey – add more contrasting colour

When you mix red, green and blue light together in equal proportions you create white light.

To make violet light add 1 part red light and 2 parts blue light

We think blue purple has a relaxed energy.

Meet Balzac Blue-Purple!

Jeanene uses blue purple as a background

Pantones colour of the year was blue iris in 2008

Ultra violet was  pantone 2018 colour of the year

you see pale blue purple early in the morning as the new light emerges

lets go on a blue purple design excursion!
lets go on a blue purple design excursion! 

See how these artists and designers have used blue-purple

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Some blue purple mood boards to inspire!