blue green

The paint colour BLUE - GREEN (cyan, aqua, turquoise or teal)

It is one of the tertiary colours (mixing blue and green paint together)


Tint – add white to make pale aqua

Lower value – add shade/black to make dark tourquoise

tone - add some contrasting colour (red - orange)

orange/taupe, grey – add more contrasting colour

Cyan is a secondary additive light colour. When you add blue and green light beams together you make cyan light.

If white light moves through green then blue glass a cyan light will emerge.

Meet Ben Gurion Blue-Green!

We think that blue green could be represented by a slightly curved line - the blue horizontal relaxed and the energy of a curved green

blue green of the ocean makes you feel happy

In 2010 pantones colour of the year was turquoise

think tank blue green

Leonie uses an ice cold blue green with high Chroma for impact!

See more about Leonie by clicking on her images

Using Leonies piece as a mmodboard we added high fluro pale blue green elements to this concept. It would be perfect in a warm tropical environment.

Glenise uses blue green to evoke the feeling of the ocean in the tropics

See more about Glenise by clicking on her images

Bring the feeling of the environment to your space with art! Add a few aqua décor pieces to complement the artwork.

Jeanene looks to the colours of a copper patina and adds silver to contrast

See more about Jeanene by clicking on her images

Add a turquoise feature wall to create a refreshing calm space.

See our handcrafted throws in our furnishings shop. They have one of our copper logos attached and come in a gift box.

Jeanene uses Australian made wool in her latest pieces

blue green words

cherry blossoms work with aqua

blue green words

bring a little disco aqua to your space

blue green feels secure- great for offices and hospitals.

blue greens of the ocean inspire.

blue green stones bring wisdom

bring a little ocean  aqua to your space

some blue green mood boards to inspire......