blue green

The paint colour BLUE - GREEN  (cyan, aqua, turquoise or teal)

It is one of the tertiary colours (mixing blue and green paint together)


Tint – add white to make pale aqua

Lower value – add shade/black to make dark tourquoise

tone - add some contrasting colour (red - orange)

orange/taupe, grey – add more contrasting colour

Cyan is a secondary additive light colour. When you add blue and green light beams together you make cyan light.

If white light moves through green then blue glass a cyan light will emerge.

Meet Ben Gurion Blue-Green!

We think that blue green could be represented by a slightly curved line - the blue horizontal relaxed and the energy fo a curved green

blue green of the ocean makes you feel happy

In 2010 pantones colour of the year was turquoise

lets go on a blue green design excursion!