Is devoid of colour

There is no light available to see anything

When you add black to a paint colour you create a different value, as though it is in the shadows.

Colour/Hue - BLACK

(there is no colour as it does not reflect any light)

Tint is grey -add white

Lower value stays black- add shade/black

The perfect grey will have equal amounts of each primary colour.

When there is no light shining on an item it appears black.

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Meet Barry Black!

He will help you navigate all that is black.

We feel that black relates to a combination of a square's horizontal (relaxing lines) and vertical (ready for action) lines and a circles warmth and energy.

think tank black

we see black when all the light is absorbed and nothing is reflected

add red to black for impact

black can indicate nothing, renounce or submission

When you use dark walls, colours pop! The area becomes cosy, like a cave.

Add décor items, to the blank canvas.

Leonie uses black and grey to make the colours in this piece pop.

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Glenise uses a black background to let her hands emphasise the connections.

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se black décor items and trims on a white background to create an achromatic scheme. Add some timber for warmth.

Another way to use black is with the lines of joinery contrasting on white walls.

Jeanene uses black to silhouette against a sunrise

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Jeanene has used neutral colours in this piece, which would suite so many environments!

Jeanene has used black as the centre, then to help the blue colours pop.

black words

add some pink to soften

black stones

black has traditionally been worn in the evening

decorating with black can be overwelming

black traditions

black traditions

black traditions

Some black mood boards to inspire..