shop - A 2nd excursion


A design excursion is happy to help with the sustainability of the planet and stop landfill!

Past owners can sell their 'A DESIGN EXCURSION' piece.

We will offer it by commission at 25% off your purchased price (with proof of purchase)

Once sold you will be paid.

Half of this  will go to blaizeaid

- a totally volunteer organisation where help is given to rebuild after natural disasters. Fence wire and other materials will be purchased with your donation. The other half goes to the first owner.!

Each original statement piece was individually designed by an experienced Australian interior designer, Jeanene

hyles. Once the design is complete, she then carefully hand crafted the piece, and sent it on its first adventure!

Once a piece is offered for a second excursion, it is seen to have no damage, and is hand washed for you.

It may have had minor repairs.