boxes r us



BOXES R US is a Brisbane based, family owned manufacturing company who commenced operation in 1995 as Craftpak. 

They saw a need for packaging that would service the small business end of the market in a diverse range of areas.

In short, their aim is to provide versatile colourful packaging at a price and in quantities that suit an ever growing niche packaging market.

Please visit their new website to see so many different styles, colours, printing and accessories.

Our box can be seen in Boxes r us YouTube video! Click on the image to see it in action!

See images from their factory in a YouTube video - click on the image to see more!

See the YouTube video showing how the boxes are created by clicking on the image.

Great to Australian made products! 

Our boxes are made with 100% recycled Australian made cardboard, printed with a soy based ink.

 It is Eco Friendly and Bio-Degradable. The colour we use is called 'outback ochre' which is a beautiful deep copper colour. 

Our logo has been printed with white foil, which is in keeping with our colours and corporate feel.

Our beautiful boxes add to creating the feeling of something special will be inside!

It was exciting planning the size and colour of our packaging, with samples of boxes and finishes provided

We decided to stay with a perfect square box - relating to the squares in our website and promotional material.

The ochre looked great with our logo in white foil. We designed the logo to fit on a smaller and larger box than our initial medium sized one. That way we pay only for the one design to be used.

It was so exciting to receive the order - which arrived promptly. So much fun folding the boxes ready to place our pieces in them!

One of our first boxes was the beach excursion box - unpack a little beach scene to remember your holiday! Safety packaged in our boxes r us box.

Special occasions, such as Mothers day allows for the box the contain a handcrafted piece, with a certificate of authenticity and complementary greeting card printed on eco friendly recycled card.

The final product exceeded our expectations!

Perfect to place our hand crafted creations!

They are sturdy to survive the rigours of postage as they protect their special cargo for years to come.