design - trends 2016

Let’s look at different trends on the horizon for 2016

2016 colour trends

pops of yellow are seen!

2016 will see silver emerge - the shiny chrome will complement the cold harmonious scheme of blues and greens.

These 2016 colours are inspired from nature - the bleached timber colours, harmonise with the rust, and contrast against the sky / water blue-purple.

navy blue is 'the' colour for 2016!

2016 trending high chroma colours of denim blue, lime green and sunshine yellow. Black highlights would emphasise the intensity of the colours

The dramatic use of high chroma yellow contrasting against the harmonious purples and aqua is reflected in many 2016 colour schemes

a 2016 option is to have a harmonious colour scheme of dark greys and grey/greens with a contrast of salmon and copper highlights

The dramatic use of high chroma yellow contrasting