Colour/Hue - WHITE

(there is no colour as the light reflects all the spectrum)

If you add white to coloured paint you create a tint of that colour. These colours are known as pastel.

Tint – stays white

Lower value dark grey - add black or shade

Tone – becomes grey - add contrasting colour black.

The perfect grey will have equal amounts of each primary colour.

When you add red green and blue light beams together you make white light.

We see white when there is pure white light reflecting from an object.

If the surface is reflective the colour will seem to be absorbed, and what you see is white.


She loves the idea that white can be a neutral back ground, or can pop as a contrast to a bright colour.

think tank white

cold white ice

emotionally white depicts everything from innocence to ghostliness

pure white

Leonie uses white as a background

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Add white geometric shapes

Glenise uses white in this piece to create a calm soft feeling.

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Use white walls to create a blank canvas for your space. The feel can be changed quickly by adding different artwork or décor pieces.

Jeanene softens the sky with white clouds

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Add dark contrasting wall to the white for impact, then use white in the artwork and furniture to create a whole.

Jeanene uses white to contrast against colours in some of her statement throws

add a reflective white sparkle

decorating with white is safe!

White is a perfect background where you can add artwork to change the feel each season.

white means so many things in different cultures from pure to  clean to peace.

white is calm in a sleeping space.

white words

white words

a white colour wheel

white stones bring pure energy and creativity

some white boards to inspire.....