The paint colour ORANGE is one of the secondary colours (when you mix red and yellow paint together)

Colour/Hue - ORANGE

Tint – add white to make pale apricot

Lower value – add shade/black to make a brown

tone - to make a caramel add contrasting colour (blue)

orange taupe/grey – add more contrasting colour.

Coloured light mixing is different to paint colours!

You add different colours together.

To make yellow light add green and red light.

To make orange light add one part green to 2 parts red light

Meet Ori Orange!

The calm repetitive nature of a waved line line, and the curve and circles of a cone shape seems to indicate the comfortable, relaxing energy of orange.

Think tank orange

be happy with orange

Orange can evoke cheerfulness and impulsiveness

mix red and yellow to make orange - add white for a tint.

Create a harmonious orange scheme using bleached timber with pops of orange in decor pieces.

Glenise uses orange with red-oranges to create a warm happy piece.

See more about Glenise by clicking on her images

Contrast blue with orange to create a energetic environment

Leonie uses contrasting colours with diagonal lines to create energy.

See more about Leonie by clicking on her images

remember that timber floors are a colour which impacts the feel of a scheme. add art to match

Jeanene's autumn leaves bring orange to your space

Jeanene uses orange texture against the green in this throw

warm oranges add to the way you feel on a cold night.

some orange words

Use white with orange to create a slick feel

some orange words

Orange tones timbers bring warmth to your space

orange is a great colour for retail spaces - ready for the impulsive buy!

pops of orange can be good for stimulating logical thinking - great in a teenagers space!

low Chroma orange works in most spaces. Be careful not to date with 1980s apricot use.

Orange works with contrasting blue.

Orange has many feelings from different traditions - research is required as to who will be using the space - responses from Halloween to mourning.

In Ireland it will respond to the Protestant religion, in the Netherlands the Royal family.

Orange stones bring a feeling of identity.

add orange for warmth, and an Autumn feel.