The paint colour BLUE is one of the primary colours (yellow and red are the others)

Colour/Hue - BLUE

Tint – add white make pale blue

Lower value – add shade or black paint make navy blue

tone - add some contrasting colour (orange)

grey – add more contrasting colour to make orange taupe

Blue is a primary additive light colour.

When you mix blue, red and green light beams together  you make white light

Meet Bruno Blue!

Because blue is a relaxing, stable, dependable colour, we think that blue is the ideal colour to represent the emotional response to a horizontal line, a square and a cube!

join us on a blue colour design excursion!
blue wordsblue wordsmix blue paintemotional responses to bluethink tank blue
See ways of using blue in Interiors

Add white for a clean feel, use with bleach timbers for a beach theme, or try the on trend navy walls!   Please click on an image to see more about that artist

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