Lets go on a zodiac design excursion!

As the puzzle comes together we see different meanings, emotions, colours, flowers, stones, planets etc associated. These are only general ideas - please see an astrologer for an accurate analysis of your specific birth date and time.

Please visit each of the signs pages to explore more about that sign.   Enjoy!

Early man looked to the sky and studied the stars. This was useful to determine seasons and to navigate. The Romans used past studies to create written documentation from the astronomical work. The word Zodiac derives from a Roman evolved Greek word meaning circle of little animals.

There are 13 divisions in the sky with abstract shapes that mostly look like animals created by the arrangement of stars. Each was given a name. In the 1700s Horoscope study evolved. 

Because the calendar is divided into 12, it was easier to take one of the zodiac creations out of the equation. Some may be born at the end or beginning of a sign - this is known as the cusp. They will be influenced by both!

This is a complex field which many have studied all their lives.

Please see an astrologer to ascertain your specific sun sign - and the other planets influence on your life.

We are looking at the colours of each of the 12 Zodiac horoscope signs, and seeing if emotional responses relate to the colours that have been assigned to them.